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Data scientists are currently the most wanted professional in both public and private business sectors. Data scientists take “Big Data” (the wealth of raw information produced daily around the world by scientific and technological research) and transform it into useful information.

This Master program will provide students with the mathematical, statistical, and information technology skills to understand complex events. Through the learning modules students will learn the principles of data analysis using SAS programming, SAS Analytics Solution and Python. Using both theoretical and applied learning, the program will help form tomorrow’s data scientists: industry professionals specialized in Customer Experience, Statistics, Machine Learning and AI.

Job Opportunities

Data Scientist and Data Analyst in both public and private sectors including:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance & Risk
  • Telecommunication
  • Industry
  • IT

Program Duration

1 year (5 months of full-time courses and a 6-month internship)

Official Language


Entry Requirements

  • All Bachelor of Science or Science Major graduates
  • Those in possession of a master's degree, specialist degree (or equivalent qualification obtained abroad) that is fundamentally related to technology.
  • Graduates in non-scientific subjects will also be considered if they demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary skills to succeed in the program.

For the duration of the program, each student will be provided a notebook with all necessary software pre-installed.


  • Program participation: €6,500 plus €146 in taxes
  • Program participation in an auditing capacity only: €4,000


Various scholarships for partial and full coverage of registration fees will be provided by the main partners of the program, in addition to the I.N.P.S. funds offered to unemployed children of government and public administration employees, and Educational Vouchers for Master programs and higher education courses provided by Regional and County Administrations.


A Project Work will be implemented through paid internships sponsored by various companies. Compensation will vary according to the sponsoring company.

What You Study

There are four main modules in the program



Social Media Analytics

Customer Experience

These modules contain following sub-modules:

  • Introduction to Python programming
  • The use of Python library
  • SAS Data management: Introduction to SAS programming
  • General Management: Advanced marketing; Information systems
  • Advanced Statistical Reasoning: Unsupervised Methods; Supervised Methods
  • Data Mining
  • SAS Data Analytics laboratory
  • Machine learning
  • SAS & Python Machine Learning laboratory
  • Deep learning
  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • Big Data, Hadoop & Spark
  • Visual Text analytics
  • Textual Analysis & Sentiment Analysis
  • SAS Marketing Automation

Teaching Methods

60+ days of in person learning, Mon-Fri 9am-1pm and 2pm-4/6pm; afternoons may be devoted to teacher-assigned homework and/or studying.

The program also includes Soft Skills days, two Labs and mid-term evaluations.

SAS Certifications

Students will obtain two SAS Certifications if they’ll pass SAS certification exam held in University:

  • Base programming using SAS 9.4
  • Machine learning using SAS Viya

The Master program is part of the SAS® Global Academic Program. The program aims to respond to the strong industry demand for young talent in the field of data science. The SAS® Global Academic Program includes all universities worldwide that, in partnership with SAS®, offer master's programs with a specific focus on SAS analytics.

At the end of Master Cesma, students will earn a Tier 2 SAS Academic Specialization in Advanced Data Analytics